Friday, August 24, 2012

The Slicer

A product came to my attention over the weekend for one reason and one reason only: the comments.

The product- the Victorio Banana Slicer

You can and should read all of the Amazon comments related to this product as a way to make you smile on this Friday, but here is an excerpt of some of my favorites.

  • Best of all, when we downsize our household, we won't have to find room to store this gem ... it will be the centerpiece of our art collection, proudly displayed on the new living room wall.
  • If you don't buy 11 of these the terrorists win
  • This dream was finally realized with the invention of the 571B Banana Slicer, the invention that will define our century, an unmatched monument of how far we have come, and how little we have yet to go now, with the most grandest of challenges for humanity finally and most spectacularly solved. 
  • As you may or may not know, I have 27 trained monkeys I use to do my evil bidding. Well, the younger monkeys teeth have not fully developed and so slicing a banana to feed them is a necessary chore. The adult monkeys used to have to chew up bananas and feed their young but not anymore with the Victorio Kitchen Products 571B Banana Slicer. The adults are going bananas over this time saving easy product. No longer so they have to taste and chew the deliciousness banana without eating it teasing them like a teenage prom date.
So please, go read some more of these comments. It will make you happy, I promise. And then tell me which ones are your favorite, k?


  1. So funny! I'm going to have to go read the comments. Some of these are just hysterical!

  2. My favorite is the one about the burglar.

    Please don't buy one now - remember, your birthday and Christmas are just around the corner!