Friday, April 13, 2012

Why We Are Waiting

Last night Matt and I had a discussion about our future, encompassing career & family plans. 

Apparently Matt has grand plans for us that include book-writing. Good to know. He also plans on our children walking by 3 months and winning a Nobel Prize while we're still alive. 

So as my creative husband said, my book topics are quite obvious with the whole criminology thing. However, I asked him what he would write about. He decided he would write a parenting book from the perspective of an engineer. 

Now, ignore the fact that neither of us have any parenting experience and are not even thinking about having children until I earned my Ph.D. With that said, he came up with some titles I wanted to run by you for your opinion.

  • Child-Rearing: An Engineering Approach
  • Fundamentals of Child Dynamics
  • Applied Parenting Analysis
  • Kids++ Primer Plus
  • Children: A Kinematics and Kinetics Primer
  • Parent Mission Analysis and Design
So what is your favorite? I honestly don't know if I can pick. 



  1. I like the first title best, and cannot wait to read the chapter applying the principles of aerodynamics to diaper design.... Will we see a self-changing, or even self-cleaning, apparatus? Surely, that would be worthy of the Nobel! Paula

  2. This is the best blog post I've ever seen in my entire life. I am so proud to be related to both of you. All the titles are hilarious. I can't pick. :)

  3. Fundamentals of Child Dynamics. It sounds exactly like what one of my biomechanics books would be named :)