Friday, April 20, 2012

5 Randoms

Today is a hodge-podge kind of day for me--it's been a rough week. A lot of late nights, early mornings and overall lack of quality time with my husband have made me very relieved it is Friday.

Due to those aforementioned factors, my brain is not capable of forming a coherent idea for an entire blog post, so this Friday you get to be privy to some random thoughts.

1) I registered for my classes this week for next fall. While there one was course I wanted to take but won't be able to due to my degree plan, I am excited about next semester. Two electives + starting my Master's thesis! Should be fun.

2) It's OK that I don't have this evening's date planned. Matt and I want nothing more than to grab a quick bite to eat somewhere, chill at home, and get a good bed time. That sounds just perfect.

3) I can't believe the semester will be finished in less than 1 month! First year of my Ph.D. program is almost complete and I'm kind of ashamed at how much I like it. Seriously- this will probably get a whole blog post on its own eventually, but I am very happy where I'm at. It's hard, yes, but it's worth it.

4) Our dishwasher is running and it's quite loud. Just thought you should know.

5) On a whim, we grabbed some Sonic milkshakes last night after dinner. I know this speaks to my apparently low-fat diet, but I don't think I can drink a whole milkshake on my own anymore- made my stomach hurt something crazy.

So, what about you? Any random thoughts you would like to share this Friday? Any fun plans for the weekend? Can you believe we're getting so close to summer??

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  1. sounds like you have had a heck of a week. totally feel your pain. some weeks its like wth.. hopefully this weekend you can get some serious R&R in and time with the husband...

    for a fun evening date, why not order in something fancy & watch a movie together??