Monday, April 23, 2012

An Interesting Week Ahead

This week will definitely be different. What is the old proverb- "May you live in interesting times"? Yup... that definitely appears so!

Matt has some stuff going on at his workplace that could prove to be interesting. We shall see how that goes. It could possibly mean a lot of overtime, a lot of stress, and a huge lack of sleep. Crossing my fingers we're OK!

I'm getting to the point in the semester filled with final papers and exams, so I really need to kick it into gear and get on that. It's just so hard to motivate myself right now.

On Friday we will be going down to Huntsville to visit the state prison. We will be visiting the Walls Unit, better known as the place where Texas holds its executions. That will definitely be an interesting trip!

And because we got up 10 minutes earlier this morning (PS, 5:20 AM is way worse than 5:30 AM) and I don't drink caffeine, I need pictures of happy things to wake me up.

Ah Schloss Neuschwanstein... such a happy amazing place!
Have a great Monday! :)

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  1. gotta love some disney photos: I jsut found out my parents are taking us to disney for my birthday at the end of the year! I am SO EXCITED!!!