Monday, April 30, 2012

What's to come

So we had a very interesting weekend, way more so than normal. I wish this week would be easy so we could relax a little, but unfortunately finals start this week! In two weeks I'll be done, but until then, I have a lot of studying, some papers to finish, and a lot of grading to do.

I will be telling you about this three-day weekend though. It included things like:

  • Visiting the Walls Unit in Huntsville and seeing death row. Yes, that includes the death chamber.
  • Visiting College Station to see our newly renovated Memorial Student Center (MSC), the equivalent to colleges' student unions, just 10X cooler
  • Attending a dear friend's bridal shower
  • Studying at two different college libraries (I know, thrilling)
  • Watching one of the worst/most ridiculous movies ever made
  • And eating amazing food, like our normal weekends
So yeah, that will be some of the things you'll be seeing soon. Until then, I hope you have a great beginning of your week! Here's a preview of part of the new MSC:


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