Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Recap

Well, after having a little over the past 2 weeks off, the husband went back to work today. Let me tell you-- Love is waking up at 5:30 so you can have breakfast with him. Anyway, though his Christmas vacation is sadly done, I still have two weeks left of mine! Which means I can finally catch up on my to-do list, including blogging. 

We were gone for 9 days in order to celebrate Christmas with both sides of our family. We put over 2,000 miles on my car, but had a great time doing it so it was worth it.

We left DFW to go to Houston, by way of College Station to visit some friends and have delicious BBQ. The following day was Matt's birthday, so we had some delicious deep dish pizza at Star Pizza, walked around Hermann Park & Rice University [residence of the fattest squirrels ever], and had dinner out with the family. 

Such good pizza! Was definitely full after one slice, though 
Fat squirrel!

We had to help my brother finish up his Christmas wrapping, including this HUGE gift for my mom. Let me show you the amazing tackiness of it all.

Yup. Pretty bad. She had NO clue what it was, so success :)
We had an amazing Christmas dinner, including the best steak I have ever eaten in my life. Seriously. Nolan Ryan beef, cooked by my dad. Not typical for Christmas, but there were no complaints by my family! We then attended the Christmas Eve service and opened gifts!

The gifts under the [midget] tree
Yum... SO good!
The aftermath

The day after Christmas, Matt & I packed our bags (again) and started the 11 hour trek to El Paso. Only is Texas, right? 

It somehow all fit on the first trip...

Yes, that does say 527 miles until the next exit
It's hard to read, but the speed limit is now 80 MPH
Look! It's a Hershey's Kiss!
Some of the wind turbines of West Texas
We had a great time with his family and I enjoyed getting to talk to his extended family for pretty much the first time ever-- the wedding does NOT count. We also went to some museums, such as the Border Patrol Museum, and had an adventurous drive up one of the mountain.

A cactus garden

All too soon it was time to drive home, though. We drove through more West Texas wind farms and eventually made it back to our place.  

It was a great first Christmas together and we were both happy to get to spend so much time with our families! Hope all of you had a great Christmas, as well.


  1. Happy New years :) I am still focusing on the pizza in the beginning of the post. YUM!

  2. sounds like a great trip! its amazing how many miles you can put on your car and just stay in one state & call it a road trip. :) i put tons on it when i drove back and forth to corpus christi.

    and the hair.. i'm getting there with posting a picture. :)