Monday, January 30, 2012

Lindsey + Scotty

Today is my dear sister (in law)'s 21st birthday!! Yay! Happy birthday Lindsey!

She, along with her mother and one of her brothers, came up for the weekend so it was great getting to spend time with them and celebrate her birthday. In lieu of getting her a birthday card, though, Matt wrote this, pretending to be Lindsey, writing to Scotty McCreery. You know, of American Idol/adorable country singing star fame. Don't know? Watch this:

Dear Scotty,
This is Lindsey, Lindsey XXXX (but soon to be Lindsey McCreery of course). I was wondering…
1) Do you have a Scotty? You should. Maybe two or even three.
2) Will you marry me?
Also, I love you THIS big. You may notice that is a very big font (an 80!), that is because I love you a lot. Even if you don’t want to marry me, I figure I can still marry a card board cutout of you. I would mount an iPod dock behind the cardboard face, if seems like it would work fairly well. Anyways look forward to hearing from you soon!

So again, I wish a very happy birthday to the sister I have always wanted and I hope Scotty gets his letter :P

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