Monday, January 23, 2012

Reading, IKEA, Reading, Baked Oatmeal, Reading

That about sums up my weekend! This semester is starting off fast and it looks like it will be much more time-consuming than the last one (and probably any other semester I've ever had). Three fairly difficult courses, TA'ing for a couple of classes, working on editing a paper, plus doing all of my typical duties means I don't have much free time!

In preparation for how much reading I will be doing this semester, we got a laser printer. We already have an all-in-one inkjet, but just the sheer number of articles I will be reading make it much more cost-efficient to have a laser printer. We didn't have a formal 'home' for the other printer (seriously, it was living on the floor under the desk), so after purchasing this new one we knew we had to find homes for both of them.

Enter IKEA,  the Swedish land of all of our other post-wedding furniture purchases. After perusing the selection for an hour or so, trying to figure out if this small coffee table type thing would work or what about this bookshelf, we finally settled on this one:
Those shelves are nice and adjustable, so we only put in one of them so I can have tall things sitting on the shelves, like books and filing systems. The Type A, mega-organizer in me is quite happy. The printer sit on top, I have plenty of room to store my articles and other materials, and it sorta kinda matches our bedroom furniture-- what's not to love? 

Anyway, after building our new bookshelf, I started reading. And reading. I pretty much read all weekend, pausing for food and work out sessions with Matt. All of that reading was for one class, too. Definitely made me think long and hard about why I want my Ph.D. Thankfully Matt was there to remind me when I wanted to throw the highlighter across the room! 

We still managed to fit in some other things though, like a nice chill date of Freebird's Burrito's and watching a not-so-bad movie. We also made this on Saturday morning. HIGHLY recommend it! It came together quite quickly, it is healthy, and it is different than cereal. Win win!

I am sorry to say that my posting will probably decrease this semester, along with my ability to read all of the blogs I follow. I will still try to post the random fun things we do, and just what's on my mind as I'm sure I will need another outlet for stress asides from the gym! 

I hope everyone has a great start to their week!

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