Thursday, January 19, 2012

A peak into my dreams

I've always had strange dreams. One of the most vivid ones I can remember is Aladdin (yes, the Disney cartoon Aladdin) chasing me and my brother on flying carpets through our old house when we were kids, yelling at me to marry him. Odd, I know.

Anyway, one of the weird perks of being married is you end up having conversations while you are falling asleep. This can result in silly conversations, such as this one, as I'm partially in a dream. 

Context-- we're reviewing our day, some of which included my plans for this semester.

Me: There will be one week I'll have to drive to campus all 5 days.

Matt: Oh, really? Why?

Me: Lion King's bridal shower.

*Pause a few seconds*

Me: Wait, what did I just say?

These things do not go together...

I just don't even know. I was apparently partially awake for this conversation, except after I said that Simba (or Nala?) was having a bridal shower, I woke myself up with the absurdity of that statement. 

Just where do I get these ideas?!?

What about you? Vivid dreams? Say crazy things when you're basically asleep?


  1. ha ha! that's so funny! apparently I talked in my sleep the past 2 nights... and my guy said it was amusing.

    hope you have a great day :)

  2. When I was little I knew when I was going to get sick because the night before I would dream vividly that my big toe was coming to get me! PJF

  3. Lol! I always talk in my sleep.