Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I decided to do something new today so I'm linking up with this blog to talk about what I'm loving today! 

1) As long as I didn't bomb my statistics exam last week, I am done with my first semester of grad school! If I did bomb it, I have to take the final this Saturday (ugh!) so here's hoping I got my A. But this semester was definitely a learning experience-- showed me how much I don't know... very humbling!


 2) I'm loving that I get to see my family soon for Christmas! We'll be driving down there in 2 weeks from today and I'm so excited to see them!

Love them :)

3) I'm loving that I'm finally recovered from the Death Cold of 2011. 3 days of not being able to talk = personal torture. 

4) I'm loving that God has been showing me all the things I have to be thankful for and that has definitely made the past few days very joyful.

5) I'm loving Christmas music. Traditional, contemporary, instrumental, etc-- love it all!

6) I'm loving our little Christmas tree loaded with presents for our families. Can't wait to celebrate the holiday with them.

7) I'm especially loving that I get to spend his birthday and Christmas with my husband for the first time. Since his birthday was so close to the 25th, we never got to see each other (silly long distance). Another reason being married is amazing.  

He kinda has my heart


  1. I hope you did great on your exams! Sounds like you've got a wonderful Christmas coming up :)

  2. I'm sure you rocked your exams! I'll cross my fingers for you. :)

  3. your little christmas tree is so cute and simple :)

    love reading your post!

  4. good luck with your final, glad you're feeling better, it's my first Christmas with the hubby too! can't wait!!

  5. great things your loving! i love your little tree!

  6. great list!

    christmas is the best time of year :)