Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Time is Here!

Woohoo! As we are in December, I figured I could share our Christmas decorations with you finally! [Yup, Mom & Dad, you finally get to see them!]

My parents brought us back this German Advent calendar-- it will be fun to open each day and see what the picture is!

This pillow came from Hobby Lobby-- yay for their 50% off sale!

And yes, that is an empty picture frame. I haven't found/had time to search for a suitable vertical Christmas picture yet, but I'll get there... Also there's the Joy figurine. Saw it at Hobby Lobby and I just love how simple it is and really shows the true meaning of the season.

Better view
 And of course our little tree. Yay for small-apartment sized Christmas trees! We already have all our presents purchased and wrapped, too, so that adds a nice festive fun touch! 

Better view of the tree. Ten points if you can find two Storm Troopers!
So there you have it, our small collection of Christmas decorations! Matt had a large collection of ornaments and I only had a few, so we picked a random assortment to put on the tree. Overall I love our little holiday touches! Can't wait to see what else we had throughout the years.

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  1. You shouldn't have mentioned how few ornaments you have: is it time for me to bring a box full of Family Heirlooms to Texas? Paula