Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dinner and a Flight

Matt's birthday is coming up this Thursday, so as his 'big' birthday gift, we went on a special outing this past Saturday night. A while back on Groupon a nice deal came up-- a 3 course meal + private flight over DFW for 2! Well, obviously we snatched that up right away and it was an amazing evening! The dinner was tasty-- a caesar salad, steak/fish, and cheesecake/brownie sundae (his/her's)! In between the salad and main course we had our private flight.

The plane- Cessna 172
It lasted about 30 minutes and we couldn't get too close to downtown Dallas, but we still had a great time. Neither of us had ever flown in anything that tiny so we didn't know what to expect. I was a little nervous as to how bumpy it would be, relative to a standard airliner, but I shouldn't have been. From take-off to landing it was all very smooth. We even wore the flight headgear complete with microphones so we could talk and actually hear one another (the prop is pretty loud!). That was cool for pointing different things out to one another and asking the pilot various questions.

Inside the cockpit-- one of the main displays 
Flying around Dallas- downtown is in the background
Later on a whim Matt & I looked up the price of the Cessna 172-- basically $300K for a brand new one. Yeah, that's a house! It goes without saying we won't be buying one of those anytime soon. 

More Dallas
Overall, the prop was definitely a great way to travel and a perfect gift for my aerospace-oriented husband! I loved seeing the city from overhead, especially the Christmas lights! It really was a great evening that we won't forget anytime soon :)

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  1. so neat!! oh man I've always wanted to do something like that..yay for groupon!