Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Celebrations

This past weekend was FULL of Christmas-y events for the two of us! Christmas parties, cookie baking & decorating, and looking at a Christmas light display (complete with snow!) were definitely the highlights!

Friday night we met up with some of our newly-engaged friends (Yay! Congrats you two!) for dinner and to walk around the Frisco Square light display. It's apparently the largest synchronized light display in Texas or something like that. The entire square is covered in lights and the lights dance around to 4 holiday songs throughout the evening. 'Snow' was falling in various places, too, and overall made for a great night!

So bright!

Saturday night we went to a Christmas party hosted by Matt's boss. It was great getting to know Matt's coworkers after hearing about them for the past several months and we had another great evening! [Sorry, no pics!]

Sunday evening we decided to make & decorate sugar cookies. It was the first time I had EVER actually made sugar cookies and flour got everywhere! I had bought one container of sprinkles so we didn't get to be uber artistic in our cookie-decorating, but we managed. 

Some of the cookies post-decoration. They are all gone now, thanks to Matt's coworkers!
Proof of excessive flour getting everywhere
Matt decided to make a plane with some leftover dough. I think he did a decent job!

Have to have the picture with the tree and his flour-ridden hoodie.
I am done with school for the semester now, and Matt just has to work through the end of the week then his vacation time starts! Can't believe we're so close to Christmas, just 11 days! What things have you done to get in the spirit of the holidays?

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