Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is it!

As you might have gathered from my last post, it has been a busy few days! My parents and I have gotten so many wedding-related things checked off the list that I feel a lot better about this whole shin-dig. We've also had some good friends come through and help us with certain things, which is a BIG help!

We finished the wedding programs yesterday, among other projects. Today I was able to organize my wedding things into different boxes. I have one for the rehearsal dinner, one for the reception, and one for the wedding itself. 
One of the piles...
We also took all of the gifts that have been currently living on the dining room table (a la Father of the Bride)...

Boxed up several of them, and moved them into a spare room we have. This room is also housing the majority of my possessions...
Scary, no?

So it is a lot of chaos and I tend not to go in that room. It is also now housing my wedding dress and veil, so Matt is definitely not allowed in that room when he arrives tomorrow. 

Three of my four bridesmaids & Matt are coming tomorrow! I'm so excited! I think it will start to feel more 'real' then. I can't believe the time from our engagement to now past so quickly. Now to hold on to these last few days and enjoy the time with my friends and family!

But, that also means that this will be my last blog post as a miss! It is also my 100th post, though, so that's exciting!!

I already have 3 posts scheduled to go up next week, so be sure to come by and check them out. After the honeymoon, Matt & I will be moving to our new apartment, so I don't know the next time I will be on here. Hopefully by the Tuesday or Wednesday thereafter.  

Thank you so much to those that have been commenting and all my new followers! I know lately I haven't been as good as replying back on comments, etc, but I will get better once we move, I promise! :) It has been fun blogging through this wedding-planning process and it's been great to connect with others. No worries- I will be continuing this blog post-wedding! 

So, have a good next few weeks! I will leave y'all with this verse that has centered me throughout this crazy process:

We love because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19