Monday, May 30, 2011

THE dress, with pictures

[Hello! Matt & I are currently in Disney World on our honeymoon, so I wrote this post a few weeks before the wedding and scheduled it to post this week. No, I am nowhere near a computer right now. Don't worry.]

I figured now that the wedding is over, you should be able to see the pictures from my wedding dress shopping experience. Later on this week I'll share the pictures from the bridal shower.

You can read about the dress experience here, sans pictures: click me!

So one of the reasons I went to the Princess Bridal was because they had this dress:   

 I really liked the sleeves and how spring-like it looked. And here it is on me:
It was pretty, but I just wasn't feeling it. So I had previously grabbed other gowns, and here are some of those...

Ah, the infamous tissue dress
As I had explained in the first post, when we walked into our little suite, there was a dress on the manikin in the back corner. I walked in and immediately knew I had to try it on. And here, my friends, is that dress:

LOVE how soft it looks

Completed outfit
So long story short, yes, that's my dress. I love the way it flatters my body and I feel like I'm wearing the dress, it's not wearing me. Here is one of my bridal portraits, so you can see it post-alterations:

Photo Credit: Kasey Lynn Photography
I am so glad my dress search was relatively easy. I absolutely love it! So, what am I going to do with it now that the wedding's over? I'm looking into donating it actually. I'm sure you'll hear more about that later.


  1. You look so lovely! I too love how soft and flowy it looks.

    p.s. You tried on my dress! I think it is the first time I have seen it on a real person other then me!

    Have a fabulous honeymoon!

  2. I love it- you look absolutely stunning in it! Congratulations!