Monday, May 9, 2011

Getting in the spirit of things

[I know I need to recap my bachelorette- and I will- I'm just waiting on some pictures]

We are officially under 20 days til the wedding!! They really aren't kidding when they say it goes by fast, huh?

Yesterday, Matt & I took a look at our itinerary for our Disney honeymoon and we are definitely getting excited about it! As I wanted to write a blog post this morning but am still waiting on the pictures from this weekend, I figured I would share some of my favorite Disney things with you. Happy Disney things make everyone's Monday better, right?

First off- my favorite park:

Epcot! I LOVE walking around World Showcase, especially at night. Several countries are represented and they each have their distinct theming. 

Something new Matt & I are going to try here is in the Future World area-- you can build and ride your own roller coaster! 

And now-- my favorite ride:
 Tower of Terror at MGM Hollywood Studios. The special effects, the fact that they're pulling you down faster than gravity, the view of the park, etc--- all those factors- I just love it! 

Funny story- I used to hate this ride when I was younger. I totally bought into the story and refused to ride it when it first opened. Then my parents got stuck on it and I really believed the Twilight Zone got them. My brother was waiting with me and some cast members walk up to us and say, "These are the kids." Well, my 7-year-old self just starts breaking down sobbing while they try to tell me it's OK. Finally 10 minutes later my parents finally get off the ride and all is well. But, I still never forget that experience!

My favorite character:

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty! Yup, I have a thing for Disney villains. Perhaps that's why I'm going in to criminology... Anyway, I love that she can turn into a dragon, and I really like the color purple. Don't have much other explanation than that... 

My favorite Disney memory:

First, I don't know if I have one that is my absolute favorite. My family and I used to go annually from elementary to high school, so there are a lot of good trips and experiences to pick from. I have also gone with family friends, my best friend, and then Matt, so those are trips that definitely stand out in my memory. 

I love walking around the parks at night, when you don't feel rushed to run from one ride to the next. Really just enjoying the sights, people-watching, looking around the shops, and taking in the magnificent detail. We have had some amazing meals, too, and you know I'm a foodie! 

A memory that springs to my mind a lot is the last time I went to Disney World, Matt got to go with me-- this was our sophomore year spring break. We were walking around Animal Kingdom and poking around the Tree of Life. There are some secret pathways and I got to see parts of the tree that I hadn't seen before, along with kangaroos! It was just a nice way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. 

For me, going to Disney World is not just a vacation. I see things that remind me of past trips and memories and I'm able to spend time with my family and those I care about most. It takes planning, I like to make dining reservations, I make lists of my must-do's, etc, but then when I'm there, I can just relax and enjoy everything.

I will be there in 20 days with my fiance husband and I cannot wait!


  1. ahh i love disney world! i've been twice and i think we're going this summer. i love epcot and the tower of terror too! ahh i'm so excited for you :) just 20 days!

  2. aww I just love disney too...I have so many amazing memories there and every single time it's a different experience. You're honeymoon is going to be! Haha can't wait to hear about it!

  3. what a fun honeymoon you'll have! these last days do fly by!! enjoy EVERY minute!