Monday, March 21, 2011

She emerges out of hiding...

Hello again! Long time no see, right? Or maybe no writing. One of those. Anyway...

Now that spring break is officially over (insert crying here), I am slowly getting back to my normal schedule. Las Vegas was... interesting. As I will talk about in a later post, I have a love/hate relationship with that city. For instance, love the pretty lights, hate the abundance of prostitute cards everywhere. 

But, with Vegas being in a different time zone than Texas, the past two days have been rough. I have tons of school to catch up on, as the next several weeks are going to FLY by. 

Here are some upcoming posts for you to look forward to:

-Finalized florist picks
-Las Vegas review
-Ceremony music

I'm sure there are more than that, but my brain is not functioning today.

Thanks for stopping by for this somewhat lackluster post! Try to have a good Monday :)

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