Sunday, March 27, 2011

My love/hate relationship with Las Vegas, Days 3 & 4 + the love/hate list

Catch up on the past days here:

Friday was our last full day in Vegas. The morning was pretty uneventful-- woke up, breakfast, went to several sessions, lunch, then one more session. Then, my mom, aunt, and I headed down to New York, New York in order to ride the roller coaster. My aunt and I, especially my aunt, are big roller coaster fans. This was a must do for us.

The roller coaster was ok, not the best one ever. Do not ride in the back if you don't want it to hurt you. My shoulders are STILL sore from the battering I took on it. But, once I learned my lesson and sat in the front-middle of the car, it was a lot better and a lot more fun.

M&M World- it will be making an appearance later

Inside NYNY
 After the roller coaster expedition was completed, we went across the street to the 4-story M&M store. Yup. 4 stories of M&M products! I had come just to see the M&M wall really...
So many colors!
 We then meandered our way down to the Bellagio to watch the fountains. I'm sure they're better at night, but they were quite impressive regardless.
No fountains now, obviously

Aww, pretty!
We continued on our way, just exploring and possibly finding dinner soon, and we ran across these guys. Yes, that is supposed to be Darth Vader & Yoda. But um, they just don't look quite right...
 A little bit after this, we headed to dinner, and then my aunt told us bye as her flight left early the next morning. Then, my mom & I headed to Treasure Island to watch what used to be the pirates show. It has now turned into a PG-13 burlesque.
Pretty boat, at least
Saturday was our departure day. We did some more looking around and shopping in the morning, and then left. Nothing too exciting, though it is so good to be back in Texas. 

You may be wondering why I referred to this trip as a love/hate relationship. Here is what I liked about Las Vegas:
  • Pretty lights
  • Cool architecture on most of the buildings
  • Good food & beverages
  • Amazing shows
For the longer list, here is what I disliked:
  • Smoking everywhere
  • Seeing old people connected to their slot machines by what I referred to as their life support
  • The HUGE amount of hooker caller cards everywhere. No matter where you go, you have people trying to hand you those little cards with basically-naked women & their phone numbers. No thanks.
  • The hooker advertisements that follow you around. Seriously, they're everywhere.
  • The insane amount of public intoxication. I have been to New Orleans frequently, I have seen people drinking around in the streets. The amount I saw here, though, far outweighed that.
Personal Disclaimer: I knew I would see this in Vegas, I wasn't surprised. It just makes me so sad, to see those things in the world. I'm used to my Disney vacations, where I go in my happy place and assume the world is a good place. To go to Vegas as a Christian and see that, though, that was hard.

We'll see if I go back. I liked the shows and architecture, but I can get that elsewhere. Things that are uniquely Vegas, though, just don't appeal to me.


  1. At least you were able to pick out some of the good things! I love my Disney vacations too!!

  2. i'm sorry it wasn't what you expected. i'm a christian too, and i just can't ever see myself going there. if you want a nice place to go though where there are crowds and no hooker cards, go to NYC! it's fun :)