Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I promise I'm alive

Hey everyone!

Sorry, I know I've been missing for a while. I came home for spring break last Thursday and have been really busy since!

Here is a brief review, not necessarily in order:

-Met with my florist, again, and finalized the flowers, again. For good this time. I promise! A post will be coming on that shortly...

-Played with two adorable dogs, even when I have been wanting to be productive...
I have a constant entourage of a little puppy and a standard poodle. Life's been fun
-Getting ready to go to Las Vegas. I need to practice my presentation more, actually... But we leave bright and early tomorrow morning!! Besides presenting Thursday morning and going to see Beatles LOVE that night, not really sure what else is going to happen. But I'll definitely let you know!

-Went to see the Houston Ballet's production of Sleeping Beauty with my mother. It was absolutely beautiful and I really enjoyed it! The dancers were of course amazing, but the set and the costumes were also very well done.

-Ate an amazing meal at America's in celebration of my acceptance to grad school. Soooo good! It was great getting to spend that time with my parents, just wish my brother was there.

-Met with the organist/pianist for the ceremony/reception to discuss music, so that's done! I'll have a post on that at some point...

-Met with my amazing photographer, Kasey, and approved our photo guest book. Then we discussed the timeline for the wedding day as well as shoot lists. We're going to be doing my bridal portraits soon and I'm so excited about that!

-Shopping for miscellaneous wedding details, like the programs and my 'something blue.' 

So yeah, it's been busy. Unfortunately I don't know if it's going to slow down for a while, so let's hope once spring break finishes I can get in a better posting schedule!


  1. sounds like you've been very productive! glad you're alive and all ;)

  2. fun stuff! glad it's been productive!