Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Second Fitting

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I will blame Christmas break and how when I have nothing to do, I end up avoiding the computer. 

But, I had my second fitting this past Sunday! You can catch up on my dress buying experience here and my first fitting here. Sorry, no pictures for obvious reasons. 

For this fitting, my mom and my MOH, Mary, came with me. It was great to have Mary with me since she hadn't seen the dress since we bought it. Also we were able to have a fun girls' day afterwords, something that was much needed, but I'm getting ahead of myself!

Without describing too much of the dress, they had taken in some things, altered others, put in the bustle, and shortened the length of the dress. The dress was still a bit too long, so I have to go back in a week and a half for what will hopefully be the final time, but other than that-- it was perfect!

I will say that dang, bustles are complicated! We were smart and decided to video tape them showing us how to do it. I think that video is about 7 minutes long. But I'm sure that with some practice, my mom & BMs can get that down much shorter! 

We also decided on the jewelry I would wear. It was between two necklaces that had both belonged to my late grandmother. I will also be wearing a beautiful watch that used to be hers. She passed away a little over a year ago, so I'm glad I get to wear things that were once hers.

While there are no pictures of the dress, here are two Mary took outside the bridal salon:
The history of The Princess Bridal. Our favs were that it used to be a funeral home & a hippie commune!

Me! Carrying all the bridal accessories
So yeah, successful trip! Fun girl times after lunch. Overall a very good day!

I also want to wish my fiance an early very happy birthday! Matt's 22nd is tomorrow! Wish I could spend it with him, but we're in separate cities, doing the whole family at Christmas time thing. It's exciting to think that next year that won't be the case!!

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  1. Smart idea to take a video of them doing the bustle! I'll have to remember that when I go for my fitting in a month!