Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MIA + Flower Mania

Sorry I've been MIA lately...I can't even blame it on school. For the first time ever since I've been in college, my finals are not even a concern. I know, I'm lucky! They aren't cumulative. The format is multiple choice/matching on each and I think one of them has an essay. I barely have to pass either of them to get an 'A' in the class. Yup, I know I got off easy. 

If it's any consolation, next semester won't be like this. At All.

Anyway, so in my non-busyness of school, I have managed to do several other things, like find a rehearsal dinner dress (originally $40, got for $8!), watch Burlesque (really good, BTW), and work some extra hours. I have also made some changes to my floral. 

Being a typical Type A, over-planner, perfectionist bride-to-be, I have spent HOURS looking at various wedding websites, blogs, etc. And I have recently fallen in love with the amazing and beautiful Gerber Daisy:

My original floral plan involved roses, calla lilies, freesia, etc. It was going to be really pretty, no doubt. Here was my original bouquet inspiration:

So yes, it is pretty, but I love the look of the Gerber Daisy. To personify a flower, it is happy, lighthearted, and informal. Pretty much the vibe we want for the wedding. I emailed our florist to ask her about the cost difference, and it's gonna be cheaper! Even better :)

Right now we're trying to figure out if we're going to combine it with anything, but here is what I've found and really liked thus far:

So obviously the bigger of these bouquets is for the bride and the smaller for the BMs, but I think I like the smaller ones better, the one with no roses. So maybe do that for me and this for the BMs [obviously not in these colors]

I didn't know if maybe I didn't like the gerbers+roses because of the color contrast, though. My florist suggested having the gerbers and roses being in the same color group. It's just hard for me to envision the flower things being all put together.

Anyway, what do you think? What do you like better for each the bride's bouquet and the BMs' bouquets? Any other advice/suggestions?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love the fist one you chose, but if you're going for the vibe you're hoping to achieve the Daisy looks perfect! I think I'm with you and prefer the bouquet without the roses. Good Luck!


  2. ...love the simplicity of the bridesmaid's bouquets...the bridal bouquet looks a little like two flowers that were not supposed to be together got stuck in an elevator together, you know?

    The lilies seem to go better with the roses...

    Maybe try more casual flowers with the gerberas, like little white daisies, or nauntucket daisies, or coneflowers in interesting colors...variations on a theme, you know? I really love lime green mums in bouquets like this...they are modern and playful and combine easily with anything (and pretty cheap!)...I sent you a link on my other comment, but here's another view of that same bouquet...it uses the green mums with softer shades of pink and white...