Sunday, December 12, 2010

And there goes my motivation...

One of my most favorite things to do right before finals is what I like to call the "I only have to make X to get an A in this class" calculations." No, it does not get any nerdier than that. And it is just what it sounds like... I add up all of my grades from that semester, do some algebra (yes, a liberal arts major can do math!), and voila! That is the grade I have to make on the final exam to get an A in that class.

This semester is different for me in that I'm only in 2 'real' classes (the other two were research-based). So, for my two finals, here are my bare minimums....
Comparative PSYC (AKA Animal Behavior)-- 48
Honors Marriage Institution-- 55 

What's even worse is even though I don't need to study at all for these tests, because I am an over-achiever, I will. I have my flashcards all ready and am mostly through the ones for tomorrow. Yes, call me a nerd, but at least I know my place is in grad school next year!

Yes, I know my majors are letting me off easy. I know grad school will not be this nice. If it is any consolation, I will be taking a graduate seminar next semester. So for all you engineer/science/business majors who are dying from your finals-studying, I am sorry. I have had harder semesters than this, I promise!

And what have I been doing with my time since I have nothing else better to do? 
  • I have worked extra (going to NOLA after New Years with the fiance, so I will need money for some beignets & museums!)
  • I have baked chocolate chip cookies quite randomly with my dear friend
  • I have been on the internet way too much
    I have watched TV (which never happens during the semester)
  • I have realized I hate not being busy. I need something imminent on my to-do list, more than just complete grad school apps that aren't due until February. 

But on the agenda for today includes my church's Christmas pageant, as performed by some of the cutest kids ever, seeing my brother as he stops in thru town, and perhaps working out. Maybe. We'll see about that one.  

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  1. I understand your wanting to get an A. I'm only in high school, but I definitely feel your pain!