Monday, May 20, 2013

This Weekend I...

I am venturing into the social blog world again and linking up with a few blogs to recap our weekend! Go here or here to see what others did! 

This weekend, I celebrated with a graduate school friend of mine who just graduated with her Ph.D. in CRIM! She and her family are off to Colorado and she starts her new position in August. I know Henriikka will make a great professor!

Some of the CRIM crew.
This weekend, I volunteered with our small group at a local 10K/5K/fun run race hosted by an amazing local non-profit, 6 Stones. We had to be up there bright and early (6:30 AM!) but it was worth it to help out it got us excited to run our Disney 5k in January. Hmm... maybe I will run a race before that. January is a bit far away!

This weekend, we turned off our phones and computers and just relaxed Saturday afternoon. Best. Decision. Ever. The past week was hard on me for multiple reasons so it was nice to escape from the world, albeit briefly, and spend some amazing quality time with my husband. We relaxed around the apartment, did a little bit of shopping, came home and made a delicious dinner.

This weekend, I ate a lot of food. I think I'm prepping for our long weekend in New Orleans coming up, but over the weekend, I we made apple crisp, pizza, BBQ pulled pork, fish tacos, and strawberry margaritas. Yum!

Italian sausage & roasted tomato pizza that kind of
turned into a flat bread but was still delicious!
Homemade apple crisp-- yum!
This weekend, I had a very busy Sunday! Church followed by leading my 7th grade girls in their small group was first, then lunch, then a meeting from 3-4:30, followed by making delicious fish tacos. We wanted to go swimming afterwards, but it turns out my swim suit doesn't fit. Apparently my swim suit bottom is a bit too big, making it slightly difficult to swim comfortably. Add that to the to-do list?

So that's a decent synopsis of our slightly crazy, slightly relaxing, but delicious weekend! What about you? Do anything noteworthy?


  1. That food looks delicious! And I'd love to have a day with no phone/computer!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! That pizza/flatbread and apple crisp looks amaaazzing! So cool you're spending a long wknd in New Orleans..I've always wanted to go there!

  3. Congrats to your friend for her PhD (sounds so awesome) and that apple crisp looks delicious!

    Thanks for linking up, Jessica!