Friday, May 3, 2013

Texas Food Truck Festival

Have you ever gone to an event that you expected to be awesome but then just so did not pan out. It had all of the elements of a good time. You look forward to it all week. You plan, you research, you write a list of things you want to do/try. Well, that last part may just be me, but I'm sure we have all been there. Anyway, here is the most recent occurrence of that in my life...

This past Saturday Matt & I made our way down to the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington for the Texas Food Truck Festival! As you are probably aware of, gourmet food trucks are the new big 'thing' and we thought we would take advantage of about 20 different food trucks being in the same place. 

We pay our $20 admission cost when we arrive, enter through the gates of the ballpark, and see this.
They were streaming the away baseball game

List of the trucks

So many people. And trucks. But mainly people.

We get in line for our first food truck- The Yellow Belly- around 5 and order our appetizer for the evening, Sweet Potato Fries. The truck uses yellow tomatoes in each of their dishes, hence its name, and the fries came with yellow tomato ketchup. Oh my goodness were those good! 

We may have waited about 30 minutes for them, but they were worth it. Garlic, cilantro, and lime were used to season the fries and the ketchup was definitely delicious! 

After we finished that item, we wanted something to drink. And here is where things started looking not-so-happy. I confirmed multiple times on the website we would not need to bring cash and it said we would be fine with just credit cards. Well, the festival organizers forbid the trucks from selling 'regular' beverages (water, sodas, etc) and customers could only buy them from the festival carts. Not only were they festival prices ($4.50/water bottle) but they only took cash.

Of course.

We are yet to be in the habit of automatically carrying cash with us so no beverages for us. 

We found a water fountain inside the stadium and then stood in line for our next truck- which come to find out they also don't take credit. Fair enough. Move on to the next truck. Nope, takes at least 45 minutes to get one cheeseburger. No, thanks.

We finally make it to Bombay Wraps, order 2 lamb curry wraps and receive them in 5 minutes. Yay! They were delicious though I was definitely missing the water at this point.

There was an ice cream truck I spotted that I wanted to try, but I was a little grouchy at this point due to the festival organizers (in my mind) lying to me, so instead of waiting in another 20 minute line, we left. Drove to Freddy's. Ordered some cups of water and frozen custard. Ate. Enjoyed. Went home.

One strawberry shortcake sundae & 1 peanut butter,
banana, and chocolate sundae. Perfectly refreshing
So it wasn't that it was a bad night, it just could have been better. I have now learned the lesson my dad tried to teach me- always carry cash. Fair enough. At least I got some good baseball stadium pictures out of the deal!

I realize this post sounds very whiny, first-world-problem-esque, but it was a let down to not be able to fully enjoy the evening. What about you- any similar experience? Do you like the gourmet food truck fad?

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