Friday, May 31, 2013

New Orleans Trip- Oak Alley Plantation

The day after our bike tour, we headed out with my aunt, uncle, and grandfather to Oak Alley Plantation. This is about an hour away from NOLA but is definitely worth the drive. This is an amazing piece of property that has been restored to its antebellum glory when it was a sugar plantation. When you think of Southern plantations, this is the kind of place you think of. White columns. Old oak trees covering the property. Kind of like this.

 Yeah. It's pretty gorgeous. We toured the grounds, which included reconstructed slave cabins, the old blacksmith shop, and also took a guided tour of the mansion. It has a very interesting past and if you're ever in the area, I definitely recommend you check it out. The restaurant on property is also delicious and we all enjoyed our lunch. 

Fun fact- the plantations were all very close to one another and they all used the bell system to signal to the slaves when they should do what. These bells could be heard up to 4 miles away, but as the properties were so close to one another, each bell was given a unique tone so the slaves could distinguish their bell from the others.

And now for the pictures!
Some of the slave cabins
Inside one side of the cabin. A family of about 5 slaves would live in here.
A very old fire extinguisher
My delicious lunch of Louisiana Redfish
Matt's red beans & rice- also tasty!
Inside the blacksmith's shop

Walking towards the back of the home 
Looking from the front of the home out towards the road
HUGE 300 year-old oaks
Inside the living room during the tour
This 'fan' in the dining room was used to help keep the flies off the food

Looking out from the 2nd story balcony
The bell for this plantation 
We decided this is our new home
Have you ever been to a plantation? This was my first trip and I am definitely interested in seeing more of them!


  1. Your photos are great - really captured the essence of the tour! BTW, last night I discovered that my friend's son-in-law's family owns the St Joseph Plantation next to Oak Alley (yes, in NOLA there's only 2 degrees of separation!), so lets plan on seeing that one next trip.... Paula

  2. We thank you for your kind words!

    -- Staff of Oak Alley Plantation

  3. Great read. Very interesting. Also great pictures.