Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Orleans Trip- Bike Tour

When Matt & I planned our trip to NOLA, we wanted to do something different. Not only was it our anniversary trip, but since I've been several times before & Matt has visited once before, we thought it would be cool to really do something to make the trip stand out. So, we decided to take a bike tour. Thanks to Trip Advisor, I found the Confederacy of Cruisers' website and we decided to take the Original Creole New Orleans tour (as opposed to the drinking or culinary tours). 

My uncle went with us and he actually knew the tour guide. Benefits to growing up in NOLA- you know everyone it seems! We ended up having our own little private tour with the 3 of us plus the tour guide, Keith, so that was awesome. For 3 hours, we rode around the older parts of the city, including the Bywater and 9th Ward districts. Keith and my uncle, Mike, filled us in with a lot of interesting historical details and stories, but I'll spare you the history lesson and just show you the pictures!

My cute little bike.
The spot where Plessy of Plessy v. Ferguson was arrested
Old Trinity Church
An old neighborhood bar in Bywater 
The levee in the 9th ward that failed
Our tour guide, Keith, and my uncle

In 2010, I went to NOLA for Alternative Spring Break and actually
worked on that blue house in the middle! Cool to see it completed!
Taking a break in Congo Square
Chief Tootie Montana
After the bike tour- only a little sweaty :)
In the end, we had an excellent time & I would highly recommend this company to anyone. It is fun and different way to experience the city. NOLA is very flat so it was only 'difficult' due to the heat. When you were riding though, the breeze felt great! Plus, you can rest assured that you're working off some of the amazing food you will enjoy on your trip.

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