Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Things Friday- Summer Plans Editions

Hello everyone! Aren't you excited it's Friday? I know I am- this has been one crazy week for our household and we have been counting down to the weekend. Here are a few random happenings in our world.

  1. We are both DONE for the semester! I turned in my final paper last week and Matt finished his final exam last night. Feels so good to be done! Matt only has 3 more semesters left before he earns his Master's- summer, fall, and spring. Just a little bit longer for him!
  2. To celebrate finishing another semester, we're heading down to Houston today to visit my family. Well, it's also Mother's Day, so we'll celebrate that, too, but it coincided well! 
  3. Speaking of trips, we have a trip to New Orleans coming up and I'm so excited! Visiting family + good food + NOLA adventures= happy Jessica! 
  4. Unfortunately most of our summer excitement will be happening this month. Once June rolls around, Matt has classes starting up again and I will be a TA over the summer, so we'll go back to having boring lives.
  5. Except- Matt has a top secret date weekend planned between the summer and fall semesters. All he has given me are these little clues that tell me nothing at all. I know we are having dinner somewhere and staying at some place over night. Each month he gives me new "clues." The first picture is from Google Street View near the restaurant. The second is Google Street View near the 'place we're sleeping' and the final picture is the geographical location. The first grouping is from April and the second from May.

    So I have deduced it is somewhere in DFW. We are eating somewhere close to some major highway and then staying somewhere with trees & cranes. Really gives away a lot, no? I'll keep you posted! 
Anyway, that's about the major life updates in my life. What do you have going on? Any exciting summer plans?


  1. My roller coaster trip got cancelled, so my only exciting summer plans = visiting Texans = happy Paula!!

  2. Haha! Love the top secret little trip Matt's planned for you, that's so cute!