Monday, July 2, 2012

The Classical Mystery Tour

On Saturday night, Matt and I went to a really fun concert put on by the Ft Worth Symphony Orchestra as part of their Concerts in the Garden series. I'm sad we didn't know about this sooner because it is so fun and relaxing, but we did catch it for what was probably my favorite concert they were playing-- the Classical Mystery Tour! 

It was a full orchestra playing 30 of the best Beatles tunes, along with a fairly decent Beatles cover band (though come to find out the 4 guys are all from the states... psh, posers). It was a blast! After the hard week we just finished, it was so great to relax, listen to some good music, and just have quality time with my husband. Oh, and thousands of others.

So. Many. People.
Being summer time in Texas, we were concerned it was going to be very hot. Fortunately, the high that day was only 99 and there was a decent wind. The piece of lawn we picked for ourselves was in the shade, and with the gentle breeze blowing through it actually felt good. The fact that the concert didn't start until 8:15 definitely helped, but we definitely felt blessed to have such great weather!

The performers were great. The composer took great care to get every single note of those songs and transpose them to sound amazing with a full orchestra. Even though we were outside sitting hundreds of feet away from the stage, with the help of the speakers, the sound was amazing and really put me in the mood to go see Beatles LOVE again! Matt enjoyed himself too, and wasn't in the least bit embarrassed when I sang every word of every song. Mom & Paula- you would be so proud, I was the only one under the age of 40 to do so, I believe. 

The Beatles in the early years' black suits

And the Sergeant Pepper costumes! They changed into others, but there was no way of getting a good picture post-sundown!
Probably the best part was the encore-- playing Twist and Shout to a fireworks display! So fun! And yes, I did dance, just a little. How can you resist this song?

Anyway, this concert was so much fun and we will definitely have to remember the Concert in the Garden series next year! If you're in the DFW area, be sure to check it out in the future!
Did you do anything fun this weekend? Can you believe it's already July?? What?


  1. Sounds great! So when will you be ready to hit Vegas again? Sat. night Mike & I went to a place in the Quarter where they had Octopi floating above the bar, so I'm ready! Paula

  2. I'm so proud that we raised you to appreciate great music!