Friday, July 20, 2012

San Marcos Fun

When Matt and I went to Austin to celebrate the Fourth of July with his family, a few of us took a little roadtrip down to San Marcos. While there, we had a fun trip on a glass bottom boat! 

We went to the Aquarena Center at Springs Lake, where the San Marcos River begins, bought our tickets, and got on the boat.
The water is so clear! 

Matt and his brother Jordan
This area is fed by an aquifer, so we got to see several of the springs from which the water in the aquifer comes up to form the headwaters of the river. They didn't turn out so well in the pictures, but we were able to see tons of bubbles to indicate where the water was coming from. The sand you see in some of the pictures is actually limestone-- that only appears where the spring is as it is coming from the aquifer.

We also saw a lot of cool wildlife and plants, including this guy- a spotted gar!

Inside the center, they had some nice exhibits. One of the animal displays had the Texas Blind Salamander-- not something you see everyday! Anyway, if you are ever in the Austin area and get a chance to go to San Marcos, I highly recommend checking out the Aquarena! It was fun going on the glass bottom boat, seeing the springs, and checking out the local wildlife! 

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  1. Oh this looks so fun!! I love reading about your adventures at cool places I've never heard of in Texas. :)