Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Numero dos

Last week I got some very exciting news- I'm going to be published! A while back in September, I submitted an abbreviated version of my undergraduate thesis for publication in an academic journal. In December, I got an R&R on it, which means revise & resubmit. This past May, my professor from Texas A&M and I met and did the suggested revisions and submitted it once again for publication.

Well- it was accepted! Yay! 

This aspect of grad school/academia is something I'm really beginning to enjoy. This wasn't for a class or anything, but each publication I get goes on my CV (curriculum vita) which will make me a more attractive job candidate once I earn my Ph.D. This is my second publication thus far and it is really cool to see the research I'm doing get published. I want to continue taking advantage of the connections I have and write more articles because it will pay off in the long run. 

Anyway, to celebrate my first published article of which I was the first author, my husband surprised me with flowers on Thursday. Then Friday we went out to a nice restaurant where I stuffed myself silly and learned I cannot split an appetizer and then eat even half of my entree. Guess weight loss has its disadvantages! But anyway, for my mother, here is a picture of the flowers:

Aren't they pretty? 


  1. VERY pretty!

    Your mother

  2. Omg-- yayyyyyyy!! Congratulations, Jessica! That's so awesome!! :)