Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Halloween

Since we don't have kids, trick-or-treating was kind of out. However, we still wanted the yummy sweet stuff, so we decided to have a Halloween party for two! Best idea ever... this was one of my favorite nights at home. Matt & I refuse to view ourselves as grown-up, and I think this night really capitalized on that.

We started the night with an appetizer:
The perfect choice- 1 for each of us!
Then we decided to build and fly our own airplanes!

These were part of a wedding gift, FYI. Thanks, Lauren! :)

Practicing aiming...
That's intense concentration right there
After practicing, we decided to have a competition. How far could we fly our planes up the stairs? 

 The outcome: we tied!

Then for dinner, we had Mummy Dogs and some warm apple cider. Then of course dessert:

After all the excitement of the flying competition, we watched:
Source/ a pretty fun movie if you get the chance to watch it!
Followed by bedtime. Yup. We're exciting newlyweds! But we had fun! 


  1. ahh i love it! sounds like a great evening of fun (especially with the airplanes)

  2. haha so cute! omgooodness snickers peanut butter!! I had one the other night, so good!!

  3. That sounds like such a perfect way to spend Halloween night! So much fun everywhere! We carved pumpkins & ate candy. :)

  4. Just came across your blog...that's the best Halloween ever! Love the airplanes!