Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Air Show!

This past Saturday, Matt & I went to the Ft Worth air show, featuring our favorites, the Thunderbirds! I guess this is one solid example of how Matt has impacted me-- how excited I was to see all the planes and I was even able to identify some of the military aircraft. Anyway... we had an amazing time (even though we forgot sunscreen and as a result sorta look like raccoons)! 

Heads up, this is a picture heavy post :)

Our awesome VIP section

Matt is so happy to be back with the Thunderbirds!

Looking at the EA-18

V-22 Osprey


Had to take a picture with the German WWII fighter

Coast Guard rescue helicopter-- they did a pretty cool demo that  I have a few pictures of later on

Explosive Ordinal Disposal Suit-- we talked to the operator of this-- very cool guy. The suit weighs about 80 lbs! 

The EOD robot


Part of the Coast Guard rescue demo

Yes, that is a guy repelling down out of the helicopter over the runway. He picked up his 'rescuee' and then they repelled back up! 

Orbis- Flying Eye Medical Hospital. They go into developing countries for 3 weeks where they teach the local doctors how to perform eye surgeries. That plane has a classroom, an OR, and a recovery room. Quite impressive!

And one of the few pictures I took of the Thunderbird show! 
We are so glad we got to go, especially because the next day they had to cancel the show due to weather! If you want to see more demo pics, go to this blog post


  1. those are so terrific pictures! the hubs and i thought about going but didnt. we did manage to see some of the air show from keller though, so it was a nice treat

  2. that's so neat!! what a cool day!