Thursday, May 29, 2014

Welcome Home

Our last weekend was spent moving from one apartment to another and I must say I'm surprised at how quickly it all came together. All of our boxes are unpacked and out of the new place, all of our things are in their new homes, and we only have a few more things to put on the wall. I have to say a huge thanks to Matt's mom, brother, and my brother who came up to help us with the move! We couldn't have done it without them and it was great getting to spend time together, too. 

But without further ado, here is the new place! Be sure to read through the end... I am seeking decorating advice!

As you enter our apartment, to your left is the living area.
Big blank wall space #1. 

 And this is our amazing view off our balcony. Did we luck out or what?
Third story definitely has its perks!
Looking away from the balcony, there is the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Dude. This oven has buttons. My old one didn't so it's pretty exciting.

Big blank wall #2. Would the Beatles frame be too small for it? 
 And the whole reason for the move... the study!

I love this space. It is very quiet during the day and is a great place to get a lot of studying done.
Between the study and the bedroom is this little alcove, AKA the place where all other things go to live.

 And of course the bedroom

Pardon the ugly laundry hampers. We will be getting new ones.
The apartment has 2 bathrooms but I only took pictures of one. They're really not that exciting. Except for the shower curtain. I love it.

And looking from the hallway to the bedroom/study out towards the front door. 
So much floor space!
It is crazy what a difference having 1 extra room makes. The new place feels so much more open, comfortable, and relaxing. The awesome view is certainly a huge plus!

Now to figure out what to do with those big white spaces. The only big piece of 'art' we have is the Beatles album frame but I'm worried that it would leave too much white space on the right/left of it since it's oriented vertically. I have also thought about doing a gallery wall on the living room wall above the couch, but not sure I want to make Matt go through that process. Any suggestions?

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  1. Having seen it now, I'm now sure that you can use the housewarming gift I chose! As for the wall with the Beatles poster, it needs something else with it -- maybe Matt should select a poster/print of something aerodynamic to share the wall? In any case, I know ya'll will enjoy the new place! Love, Paula