Tuesday, June 3, 2014

There's always a silver lining

On Friday night I had my first car accident (Because some people apparently don't know, PSA: red lights exist for a reason- you should stop at them). Fortunately no one was injured or anything, but the front bumper of my car was completely torn off, rendering my car un-driveable. Due to insurance complications, I wasn't able to take it to the shop and get a rental car until today. 

Bumpers aren't that important, right?
That made me car-less and thus completely home-bound on Monday. While it was unfortunate and meant I couldn't do my normal grocery shopping Monday morning when no one is there, it also meant I didn't have any distractions. I got so much done! It felt great to catch up on work and studying for comps. So many things were able to be scratched off my to-do list. 

And that's what I'll focus on. Instead of thinking about silly insurance companies and all such things, I'm going to think about the silver lining. 

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