Friday, June 8, 2012

Anniversary Trip: The Buckhorn Inn

Once we arrived in Gatlinburg, we checked into our home for the next several days- the Buckhorn Inn. I cannot say enough amazing things about this bed & breakfast and since it became a large part of our trip, I think it deserves its own post. Random things about the Inn:

  • It was built in 1938 and has been in operation ever since
  • The original inn-keeper built it in such a way that the view from the main inn (and incidentally our room) included only nature-- nothing man-made could be seen, simply the amazing forests and mountains.
  • Walt Disney and his wife stayed there (which as we all know gives it 50 cool points in my book)
  • The food was absolutely amazing. 
    • Breakfasts included a serving of fruit, coffee & fruit juice, the basket o' carbs as Matt called it (biscuits and either coffee cake or muffin, all freshly baked), and then your choice of a breakfast entree. These included a carb option (waffles, pancakes, etc), an egg-based entree (omelets, scrambles, etc), eggs + protein, or a lighter option.
    • They provided an afternoon snack daily, encompassing an amazing baked good (brownies, cookies). You can see we were very health conscious!
    • Dinner, upon reservation, was an expertly-prepared four course meal. We ate their one night as our special anniversary meal and had some delicious veal marsala and some of the best cheesecake I have ever eaten. Yum!
Anyway, I can only say how amazing everything was for so long until you get restless, so here are some pictures.
Have to have room pictures
Reading area + fireplace
My favorite aspect of the room...
The view!
One of our breakfast menus
The view was ever-changing due to the mountains being the Smoky Mountains-- this was during an evening rain shower
Our view during dinner
Us at our anniversary dinner
My breakfast one morning- Eggs Florentine
The grounds were absolutely gorgeous. They have 25 acres that you can explore with gardens, a pond with swans, and fun hiking trails
The labyrinth
We saw a lot of creatures at the Inn, including this little chipmunk.
Basically this place was beyond amazing and really added to the relaxing aspect of our trip. It was perfect for us- served us an amazing breakfast before a day of hiking and exploring in the national park, gave us a place to read and relax in the afternoon, and then we would watch the sun go down on the patio or balcony after dinner. So all of you who made think going to a bed-and-breakfast is old fashioned, don't. We loved the atmosphere, the inn-keepers are so friendly and helpful, and we did not feel out of place at all. We also weren't the only people there that were in their twenties, which surprised us. 

So, if you ever go to the Smoky Mountains, stay at the Buckhorn Inn. Matt & I have added it to our list of places we have to return to and cannot wait to go back!


  1. It looks like a wonderful place to stay and very relaxing!

  2. Envy! ENVY!! Now, how is it being back in the real world (sniff, sniff)? Paula