Monday, June 18, 2012

Anniversary Cake

Since Matt and I were gone on our vacation on our actual anniversary, we celebrated it with the traditional cake after we got home. Instead of actually freezing the top tier, the bakery we chose to do our wedding cake has a nice little deal: come your first year anniversary, they provide a free top-tier sized cake. Due to our schedule, we still had to freeze it for a little over a week while we were gone, but the cake came out deliciously! It was fun to have something to celebrate once we got home from our vacation and it gave us something to look forward to on that long drive home.

But enough talk... here are some pictures!

Unwrapping the cake after my parents brought it from Houston
Ooh how pretty!

The flower is definitely gorgeous! Then we wrapped it up with saran wrap & aluminum foil to freeze it
Unwrapping it after it had been defrosted once we got back
Only a little damage to the frosting, not too bad! 
Cutting the cake (yup, had to be cheesy)
And the requisite glass of milk with our first slice of cake

Again, if you are in the Houston area and need a bakery, use this bakery- I highly recommend them! They are very easy to work with and the cake is sooo good!  

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  1. So fun! Our bakery had the same deal but we moved before our first anniversary!