Saturday, September 17, 2011

Year in review

So typically these posts come at the end of the calendar year, but today marks my birthday, so I wanted to reminisce on everything that has happened in year 22 of my life:

I celebrated my birthday last year with a lot of close friends and my brother in College Station

I attended my last fightin' Texas Aggie football game as a current student

Photo credit: Katie F.
 I wrote a honors thesis, all 60-some odd pages.
My desk looked like this routinely
 I got to present said thesis at a conference in Las Vegas and went to see Beatles LOVE with my mom & aunt!
I graduated from A&M...

Got married and all of the events that go with it (bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding shower, etc)
Photo credit: Kasey Lynn Photography

 Had an amazing honeymoon at Walt Disney World!

Moved up to the DFW area

And have successfully completed my first few weeks of grad school, dealing with traffic, undergrads, and one exam. 

Wow, what a busy year! I so hope this year isn't quite as action-packed, but we'll see!

I'm so excited it's finally the weekend! Matt & I are going to the horticulture gardens, then we're meeting up with both of our families for dinner. Tomorrow we're both getting baptized, so will then be celebrating that! I'm so looking forward to spending all this quality time with our families and looking forward to year 23 :)


  1. Happy Birthday! :) What a great year! It was an awesome year for me as well!

  2. Happy (belated) Birthday!! What a year huh?!