Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Orleans, days 1 & 2

As I mentioned earlier, the 'big' thing Matt & I did over break was travel to New Orleans. My mom's family is from there, and consequently I have spent a lot of time in that city. Matt had never been, and I wanted him to experience it (i.e. good seafood & beautiful architecture). So Christmas break turned out to be the perfect time. We stayed at my aunt and uncle's house and they were marvelous tour guides as we made our way to various locales.

The first day was spent driving from Houston to NOLA, eating at a good local restaurant called Mr. Ed's, and then going to bed. Very exciting, let me tell you.

Yup, I let him drive my car. Shock.

Welcome to Louisiana!

Have to document the GPS
What a foggy view!

 The second day, and the real first day of our touristy adventures, we spent in the French Quarter. My uncle accompanied us and he has quite an extensive knowledge of history, especially of NOLA. I was glad he came with us so he could tell us the significance of certain landmarks as opposed to me just pointing out to Matt, "Oh look, a pretty building!!"

We took the streetcar to the Quarter-- something that was new to both of us!

Audobon Park from the streetcar

On St Charles Ave-- look closely at the tree & you can see the Mardi Gras beads that live there

Canal St

Our streetcar

Hello Mississippi River!

Have to get the typical tourist pic!

Cafe du Monde!


Lunch- an amazing muffaletta from the Napolean House

Inside the St Louis Cathedral

Where we had dinner-- the fantastic Palace Cafe!
That about sums up our first few days!! I will be posting the next days' posts tomorrow or so.

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