Monday, January 31, 2011

Living up to my name

Not my real name, but my blog name! I have a bunch of random things for you today. Figure since it's Monday we could have a bit of fun.

1) This past Friday, Matt & I attempted to make homemade lasagna. It is something he has seen done, but I had never done anything like it before. And let me tell you--- it was pretty much the best thing ever. We used Pioneer Woman's recipe, aptly called "The Best Lasagna. Ever." Despite taking about an hour and a half including baking time, it is SO SO SO SO worth it. And another good part? We have so many leftovers that we can eat some now, freeze the rest, and enjoy this amazing meal during another week. 

Doesn't that look AMAZING? Source
2) Matt found this link the other day: Click me! It tells you, based on a person's weight, how many calories they burn doing any activity. I mean ANY activity. Take these examples: (weight as 130 lbs, doing activity for an hour)
  • Unicycling for an hour: 295 calories
  • Ballroom dancing, slow: 177 calories
  • Running, on a track, team practice: 590 calories
  • Sky diving: 177 calories 
Go check it out for yourself, it's pretty interesting!

3) One of the my favorite blogs, Poodleism, posted this the other day, so she gets all the credit for finding it. But, I wanted to share it with y'all. 
Yes, that is the thing that each state is worse at. You can read the explanations here, and for some of them they're quite interesting!
  • Hawaii is actually tied with California for the highest cost of living
  • Go read about Mississippi; it's sad
  • Ohio is the nerdiest state, based on the highest number of library visits per capita. {which seems like the best on this list, honestly}
So there you have some random things to kick off your week! Anyone do anything interesting this weekend??? Have a great Monday!

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