Monday, August 30, 2010

Adventures in Registry-ing

As I said in my last post, Matt and I registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (BBB from here on out). We finished that registry Saturday when we went to The Woodlands for my brother's birthday dinner at Brennan's (Best. Food. Ever.). Anyway, we wanted a bigger selection of items to choose from, and that BBB definitely offered that! 

It was quite interesting, walking through the store with Matt, and also with my mom on Saturday. 
Me: "Oooh, look, a temperpedic pillow! Let's scan this!" 
Matt: "Jessica, it's $99. For a pillow." 
Mom: "But if you get it, then that would be great. If not, oh well, get another one with the giftcards."
Me: "I like this reasoning..."

And thus started what was a ridiculous experience, much to Matt's chagrin. (Him and his being practical. Where's the fun in that? :P) But I may or may not have used that reasoning to register for 2 of the aforementioned $99 pillows, an $80 picture frame, a $60 trashcan, a $40 atomic clock (Matt's pick, by the way), and a $70 Beatles wall art. 

Don't think we're that ridiculous. Blame my mother, she gave me her expensive taste. And don't worry, there are more reasonably priced items on both this registry and the one on Amazon.

Oh yes, we registered at Amazon, too, instead of another physical store. Why? Because you can get EVERYTHING at Amazon. Pots and pans. Kindles. Wiis and Beatles Rock Band. Fun board games:

Yeah... we registered for board games. And why not??? We like them more than china. Ok, Matt really likes them more than china. For me, they take up less space and space might be crucial for wherever we're living.

Speaking of space, the one item Matt talked me out of was my beloved KitchenAid Stand Mixer:
instead of going with this beauty, we went for a KitchenAid hand-held mixer. It will take up less space, it's cheaper, and since I do not really bake all that much, it is more practical anyway.

What we did that was really helpful was develop a list before we went to the store. We registered on Amazon first, and made sure to check the prices of items at BBB online to make sure Amazon had the best price. If it were items that we wanted to touch and see physically (i.e. everyday plates), then we automatically knew those would be a BBB item. Anyway, we created the list and then just walked up and down the aisles, scanning and checking things off. Occasionally there were times when we added an item to the list to be researched later because we hadn't thought of it yet, but both Amazon and BBB make it SO easy to edit your registry online, that it is not a problem.

K, gotta get to work now. First day of classes! Can't believe we're seniors already!

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  1. I think those mixers hypnotize every single bride. I hardly bake at all, but they're just so beautiful...