Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 days, 5 vendors- Part 1

So this past Monday, Matt and I drove from College Station down to Houston to, along with my parents, meet with the photographer, Kasey.

Back story: way back in June, right after we got engaged, and I was in my rush to book everything possible because I'm type-A and wanted to get things done, as well as not be left with poor choices, I booked another photographer. However, as time went on, and I stalked more wedding photogs' sites as well as other brides' blogs, I was really uncomfortable with the photographer we had booked. I just didn't feel excited about the pictures in their gallery. And besides the marriage, what's left after the wedding? Pictures! So for me, it was a very important aspect.

Being on a budget of course made it difficult to find one I really liked but could afford, until a friend of mine that is getting married in the same area suggested Kasey. I checked her website out, and really got excited about it. I contacted her, canceled the booked photog, booked her, and the rest is history.

Ok, so we met with her Monday. Then all day Tuesday, we had 4 appointments- 2 florists, 2 bakeries. First we went to Florist A, who my parents had already contacted and received a quote from. After a consultation, we were able to get our price down (yay!) and were pretty happy with her. Moving on...

After a brief stop at Starbucks and Men's Wearhouse (my brother needed to pick up a suit)...

Side note- I failed to mention that along with us on this wedding planning extravaganza, we had: Matt and me, my brother, and both my parents. Quite a packed Rav-4, and I hope we didn't overwhelm the vendors, but we had fun.

So, as I was saying, after the brief stops where we might have annoyed the employees and Men's Wearhouse, we headed off to Bakery A, Kiss the Cook Cakes.

We checked out the beautiful cakes on display...

All credit goes to Kiss the Cook cakes

And then the fun part, the tasting!!!!!

Wow, was that cake good! We tasted chocolate with chocolate ganache, butter cream, lemon, and butter cream with raspberry filling. And of course, while we're eating this delicious cake, I'm being asked about the cake, what I wanted, etc. What I really liked about this baker is she took the time to listen to you and really offered a lot of input to the design. While some brides may not like that, since I had quite an amorphous view in my head, I was wanting some guidance, and we created a gorgeous cake that I think will look so beautiful!!!!

And now I gotsta go, but I will hopefully post the subsequent parts later today or tomorrow!

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