Thursday, July 31, 2014

DC Trip: The White House

Along with making plans to tour the Capitol and the Supreme Court, when Matt & I first found out we were going to DC I quickly contacted one of our congressmen's offices and requested a tour of the White House. While nothing exciting happened and we didn't meet see any major political players, it was still one of the highlights of our trip! It was really interesting not only from a historical point of view, but also a security perspective as well. You are not allowed to bring any bags with you into the tour (pretty much only wallet, cell phone, and keys) and you're still searched relatively thoroughly. 

The tour is self-guided through several rooms of the White House and you aren't allowed to take any pictures. However, you can totally take a virtual tour here if you want to see the rooms we went into. It was so awesome knowing you're in the same room our past presidents have been in. For instance, several of the presidents' family members were married in the East Room. Several items in the rooms were owned by the first few presidents. It was just cool taking it all in! 

This was right after our tour. As soon as you step out the
back of the White House, you are free to take pictures.

Though we won't do it again unless it is during the Christmas season, I recommend taking the time to tour the White House at least once. It is truly cool to see and it is worth the time and effort!

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  1. I've really enjoyed the details of your touring - ya'll got ALOT into just a few days! Just wish ya'll could join us in Galveston..... Love, Paula