Monday, July 28, 2014

DC Trip: Smithsonians

We knew going into our trip that as we only had 2 full days there, we weren't going to be able to see everything. We tried to prioritize the attractions we wanted to see and were happy with what we got to fit in. The only thing we missed was the Panda bears at the zoo, but it would have been too long of a metro ride to make it work. Oh well. 

Of course one of the things you have to do while you're in DC is see the Smithsonians. We visited the Air and Space, US History, and Natural History museums. All were fantastic though definitely crowded. I recommend getting there at opening! We arrived at the US History museum right when they opened and literally just walked through several exhibits to see what was in each-- they were all empty! Within 30 minutes it was a lot harder to see and read things in great detail, so it is good to prioritize what you want to do and see most. 

But enough text, here are the pictures with some commentary :)
First off, the Air & Space! And a Messerschmitt
Lockheed F-104 Starfighter; first US jet fighter to fly Mach 2
THE Wright Flyer
An assortment of rockets and other projectiles

Ha I made him :)
Something a little bit more up this girl's alley,
some pretty jewels representing my birthstone!
Natural History Museum. So many skeletons.
I spared you. You're welcome.

Back at the Air & Space briefly. Matt with the Spirit of St. Louis!
Matt wears so many shirts. This is with a very old
 fire engine at the US History Museum
THE lunch counter of the Civil Rights Era
I would love to go back and see those museums in more detail as well as the others that are there, but we're glad we got to see what we did. Plus-- they're FREE!!

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