Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DC Trip: National Mall & Monuments

While wandering between the Smithsonian museums, it is inevitable that you will wander the National Mall. Dude. That Mall is WAY bigger than it looks on maps. It definitely took a long time to walk from one end to another (at least 30-40 minutes walking at our quick pace) so we definitely got our exercise on the trip! I wish we could have ran around parts of it in the morning hours as it was so pretty, but we ended up not having the time to do so. Oh well, next trip! 

This set of pictures also includes the monuments. We took a Monuments by Moonlight tour though there was less moonlight than if we had gone in a different season. The tour itself was awesome and we loved having the tour guide to tell us random historical points about each monument. Plus we didn't have to talk, so that was a plus!

One of our first views of the Capitol
On our tour, we didn't stop to see the Jefferson Memorial
unfortunately, so this is the best picture I got.

Part of the FDR Memorial

Where MLK Jr made his speech
standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

Looking from the Lincoln Memorial towards the Capitol.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Korean War Veterans Memorial
Marine Corp War Memorial
The WWII Memorial

Looking towards the Lincoln Memorial. So many geese!

The Mall and the memorials are obviously quite picturesque and beautiful. They are also much larger in person than you could imagine and it is cool to look back and remember the history of our country. The different veterans memorials were particularly touching, so I highly recommend taking the time to visit them and don't just rush to the next thing.

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