Monday, June 24, 2013

That time I met Darth Vader

As my husband has 2 summer school exams this week, most of the weekend was spent studying (for him) and grading/reading (for me). However, we were able to get out a bit Friday and Saturday nights! On Friday, we went to the Ft Worth's Symphony's Concert in the Garden-- Star Wars & Beyond and had a great time!

We parked at a nearby parking lot, took the shuttle in to the Botanical Gardens, and then waited in a long line to get into the area where the concert was. We were able to find a good spot for our two lawn chairs and set up camp.

The concert program that evening

Matt stayed behind with our stuff while I went around to explore the various booths that were around. After picking up a free coozy (we only had 1 and had talked about earlier the need for a second), I came upon this:

Other Star Wars characters were there as well, but who wants a picture with a wanna-be Princess Leia?
And so I of course had to get in line and ask a random family to take my picture for me.

I got back to our seat, showed Matt the picture, and then he had to go see it for himself. Unfortunately, he didn't feel the need to get a picture with Lord Vader himself. Oh well.

The concert itself was quite amazing and we had a great time! The lasers were quite impressive and the music was of course awesome. The last song had not just lasers choreographed to the music, but also fireworks. I am admittedly a snob about my firework shows (my trips to Disney World have spoiled me) but I was very impressed!  

Shocking, it's hard to take good pictures of lasers :P

Overall it was a great night and Matt was able to relax after a day full of studying. Success!

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