Saturday, February 26, 2011

Could it be??

In extremely happy news, (no, I have not heard back from ANY grad school yet) my thesis may actually be done!!!

Source; Can you identify these chaps? Hint: they're my fav
 Besides writing a 350-word abstract and doing whatever citation edits the thesis office wants, I'm pretty much DONE!!! It is a 75-pg monstrosity and I am so proud of my baby. [Yes, it's my baby. I have worked on it since August, it might as well be a baby!]

The best part-- it isn't due for another MONTH. I have a reason for being an over-achiever, though, promise! As I am presenting my research over spring break, the conference people wanted a paper version. And of course they didn't want my insanely long thesis. So, by March 1, I had to compile a shortened version of it. My advisor and I completed the analyses [mainly my advisor, those statistical tests are complicated!] so I could finish writing the thesis while simultaneously compiling a shortened version for the conference. About a month ago I had 1 chapter to finish and 2 that were completely untouched.


But, it's done. The conference paper is mostly done, just have to proof it one last time. Now to start working on the powerpoint. How the heck do you consolidate 75 pages of info into a 10 min presentation (including a Q&A)???  

Meh, I'll figure that out later. Now to reward myself with some frozen yogurt...

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