Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I got some fessin' up to do

As I'm procrastinating from working on my thesis, I thought of some secrets to share with the blogging world.

I am addicted to looking at wedding pictures on Facebook. It does not matter if I know them or not. Friend of a friend of a friend who I just happen to see their pictures? I am all over it.
I am looking forward to the honeymoon at Disney World way more than I am the wedding.
Personal photo

The more I think about it, the more I wish we had planned to have a smaller, simpler wedding. All the flowers, music, programs, food, etc is stressing me out way more than necessary.


When I watch David Tutera, I cry during every single ceremony. Lord knows I'll be crying at my own.

If I could chose to live anywhere in the world, it would be Germany. Munich, to be exact. Love that city!
Personal photo
OK, there are a few of mine. Do you have any to share??


  1. I love weddings too. And I totally photo-stalk as well!

    I was stressed over my wedding as it got closer, and for a few months afterwards, I didn't even want to HEAR the word 'wedding'. But now I'm glad I went through all the stress. It was worth it. :)