Monday, February 21, 2011

A weekend full of laughter and cuteness

This has been a great and productive weekend, one of my favorites! I went to an organizational retreat Friday night, where we just laughed all night, along with some work. But, it was a blast! Can't believe it was my last one! :( Saturday night Matt & I went to Jurassic Park: the Musical! It is literally what it sounds like, the story of Jurassic Park, put to music and comedy. Pretty amazing!

After church and boring school work, my parents did the best thing ever. They drove themselves, a standard poodle, and a 10-week old puppy 3 hours round trip! The excuse was for me to sign some health form, but I know that it was really so I could meet Molly! 

It was a blast to see the dogs playing together and then getting to play with them. Just what I needed in the middle of this craziness! Now, before I post more pictures, I need a disclaimer...

DISCLAIMER: What you are about to see may look like I have 'the baby face.' Please do not think anything more than the fact that I love dogs immensely and cute little puppies just happen to steal my heart faster than anything else. I know I want dogs in my future abode, unsure of everything else. 

There, that's done. On with the pictures!
I just love her

My dad holding Molly with Gigi the standard poodle
Playing in the grass
As you can see, both dogs are a bundle of cuteness and it was a great evening! Now to conquer this week...

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  1. Haha love the disclaimer! Soo adorable, both of them!