Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Something a little different

I miss blogging. Really, I do. Just lately I haven't had much to write about as I can only talk about grad school so much and other things in my life are just a little too personal to share online. Then one of the blogs I follow posted this and I thought it looked like a great idea! So without further ado...

5 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
5) Disney! We are taking a big family trip in a couple of months and I'm so excited to go back. My niece will be going for the first time and I can't wait to see Disney World through a 5-year-old's eyes!
4) Matt's birthday. He doesn't want to make a big deal of it but you only turn 25 once and I'll have something up my sleeve...
3) The holidays. So much good food and family time on the horizon.
2) Consistent temperatures. I know, I live in Texas, what do I expect? This yo-yoing betweeen 50s and 70s is driving me (and my head) crazy.
1) Getting a dog. Hopefully next summer I will have a dog. I need it for my stress levels. Comps prep is creeping closer...
I need some Tower of Terror in my life

4 Things You Might Not Know About Me:
4) I'm a morning person. I try to contain it, but most days I wake up raring to go.
3) I constantly waver if I want to be a mom or not. 
2) I want to be able to cook more. So many good recipes out there, so little time.
1) I don't like working out per se, but I love the feeling I get afterwards and it makes sitting on a spin bike for 60 minutes so worth it.

Oh I would love to break out my pizza stone soon...
3 Shows I Love:
3) Mythbusters. Yay science!
2) How I Met Your Mother. The one show Matt & I actually try to watch live.
1) Once Upon a Time. Those creators of Lost got me again...

2 Things that Frustrate Me:
2) Traffic. 635's constant level of traffic is making our toll charges creep up but it's worth it for my sanity.
1) Family Court.

1 of my Favorite Words:
1) Puppies! All dogs are puppies in my book and the word just makes me so smile.
This pictures makes me so happy


  1. I rarely drove in DFW, but when I did, I avoided 635 like the plague. It's horrible! And I'm so jealous of your Disney trip! I haven't been since the fifth grade and desperately want to go again. :)

  2. You need to edit your post to say "see Disney World through a 5 year old's eyes AGAIN" - you were 5 when we went for the first time! Do you remember watching Tinkerbell fly down from the castle, before the fireworks started? And riding Dumbo?

    I can hardly wait, too!


  3. And don't forget Universal, when you'll get to see Harry Potter World through the eyes of your aged aunt! Guess Who....