Thursday, October 24, 2013

10K Results

I hope everyone has been having a great week! Mine has been quite interesting to say the least and I'm so looking forward to this weekend. Anyway, a few weeks ago I talked about my fitness journey and that I was running my first 10K soon. Well, that Sunday has come and went and I wanted to share my results with you in case you were interested. 

First thing Sunday morning, we got up, had some cereal, and got ready to head out to downtown Fort Worth. My parents were in town and were awesome enough to come with us to support me (and keep Matt company while he waited). It was pretty cold that morning-- in the 40s-- and I realized I needed to get some cold weather running gear. My fleece held me up until race time but my legs were covered in goose bumps!

A little before the race started, I warmed up a bit, stretched, and then it was time to line up and go! It was a gorgeous morning to run and the route we took was really pretty. We ran around the Trinity River and got to see the sunrise over downtown. The course was well-marked and there were various water stops and people cheering at random points on the course.
Lined up ready to begin!

And I'm off with my little pony tail bouncing in the wind
Towards the beginning of the course
By the way, I have no coordination to drink water and run at the same time. More of it got on my face than anything. Oh well.

My goal for the race was to simply not stop running. I knew my typical pace was a little under 10 minutes/mile so I figured it would take me a little over an hour, especially because it was so cold it took me a while to get warmed up. But I ended up running it in 59 minutes and 8 seconds! Average mile pace of 9:32! I was definitely happy with that. 
So happy to be about to cross the finish line
Got my first medal!
It was awesome seeing Matt and my parents at the finish line and I'm glad they were there to support me. I will definitely do another 10K again. The distance is great-- not too long where you start getting weird injuries but long enough to get into it. I followed a nice training plan that I think really prepared me well for it. Now to find the next race to sign up for!


  1. That's awesome! You did great!

  2. Your readers also need to know that you gave up a Short Stop roast beef poorboy the night before -- what dedication! Paula

  3. It was exciting to see you run - congratulations and here's to many more!